The Max Factor

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Max bouldering at Five Clouds
I am currently recovering from having spent three very tiring but enjoyable days with Mad Max.The weekend got off to a good start when Max joined Myself, Claire and Claire's Dad in the local boozer on saturday night.I was beginning to regrett my consumption when the next day materialized.
Max, myself and a friend of his from liverpool called Jonny prepared to get beasted in the churnet valley. Jonny was wedged in the back seats amongst various boulder mats (I decided with Max we needed 3 to be safe!).
On arriving at Oakamoor we were forced to abandon the car in the snow and walk to the churnet.A quick detour to stoney dale quarry (why!) revealed it was dripping. Eventually the delights of the Rambler's Retreat car park were reached. Not content with a days bouldering here, Max insisted we should boulder at Ina's first which was miles away and then return her on the way back in the dark. The snow plod continued to Alton Towers where we were greated by Ina's Rock. I refused to do the E2 roof crack on account of it dripping with melting snow. Faced only with an E6 and an E8 which we managed to boulder out the starts before jumping off we retreated back to Ousal crag and Cottage rocks for laps of the traverses.
Max insisted on stopping off at Ramshaw on the way home to boulder in the dark in sub zero temperatures even though his mate had a train to catch at 8'o clock. Jonny informed me this was quite normal behaviour. He did make the train in the end.