Millstone Madness

Article text
Stanage Millstones
What a bizzare evening! I had decided to wonder over to the Hampers's Hang area of stanage to photograph the millstones.
Had a chat with a very interesting chap called Stone, then we spotted a bloke holding up a cowboy's hat and talking gibberish. He seemed quite unaware we were watching with amazement and proceeded towards us.
The thing on his hand was a puppet and he appeared to be filming both the puppet and himself with some sort of camera device. I can only conclude that he was some sort of ventriloquist.
Then another strange event happened.
I had been talking to stone earlier about a lad who I had photographed on his project at Swanage when he just appeared randomly at the crag with his girlfriend.

I drove home very carefully as things tend to happen in three's.