Aurora Borealis in Norway

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Northern Lights Bodo
As I was racing down to Gatwick airport to get my flight to Bodo in the Norwegian Arctic last Wednesday night the news headline was about a massive solar storm due to hit the earth on Thursday night. Talk about timing. Rather like rock climbing photography I guess sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time. That night things were tough and so was ground as I struggled to get my tent pegs into the frozen turf. I settled down to bitterly cold night, content that I had just captured a stunning sunset on the camera. Suddenly I woke to this green glow in the sky. This was it, shit! Where was the camera tripod and 16-35mm lens. As I ventured out the problem was what to include in the frame. It’s easy in photography to be overcome in awe with something like this and completely forgot to include something other than the sky in the frame. Conditions weren’t great. The full moon that I didn’t want occasionally went behind the clouds, which was good, but the light pollution from the nearby houses was distracting. Luckily a Norwegian blue boathouse caught my eye and this became the object in the frame. Canon 5D mark II 16-35L lens @ 16mm and F3.5 with a 12 second exposure at iso 640 and it was game on. What was so amazing was this was my first ever visit to the arctic and it was the first night.
The original plan had been to visit the near bye Lofoten isles but I had missed the ferry on the first night, just as well since all the return ferries were cancelled for the next few days due to storms, so I probably would have been stranded there, so another bit of luck. Unfortunately I nearly lost the tent in the night due to storm force winds leaving me with no option but to move into a wooden hut.
It was pretty cool spending the next few days gazing out the window as the ocean delivered its full force. Window views don’t come much better, with the convenience of being able to pop out for a quick photo. Aurora Borealis I will be adding some more photos to the latest works section of my website over the next few days, so please take a look. 4 days, mad skies, wild oceans and crazy people all add up to a brilliant adventure for under £400.