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50mm 2000th second @F1.6
Just returned from a fab bouldering trip to Fontainebleau with friends Robin, Rich and his wife Lilia, Jim and his friends John and Tyse. The people were great which made for a highly enjoyable trip.
Every time I go on this sort of trip there is some kind of epic. This time it involved driving into the wrong vehicle queue for the eurostar. My van roof was almost touching the roof of the train and I was shitting myself. Next thing was driving into Paris by accident and getting delayed by a massive crash which eventually closed the motorway. Arriving at 1.30am everything fell into place as it always does, with Robin kindly waiting up for me whilst the others had crashed.
It's always hard on a trip of this kind to decide between climbing and taking pictures, especially when the boulders are some of the best in the world.
The theme on this trip was people and expression which is why I have shared this image of the French dude. A 50mm lens at F1.4 can deliver magical sharpness and isolate the climber, drawing your eyes in.
4 days of sun and cool air in a magical land of forests, sand and French culture...........Can't wait to go back!