Jordan Buys Photo Shoot at Anglezarke

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Jordan Buys Portrait
I don't know what it is recently but I have seen rather a lot of studio portrait shots of Climbers using various fancy flash techniques. No don't get me wrong a lot of skill goes into this and some of the shots are really grabbing. Sometimes its just refreshing to see good old fashioned high quality natural light. The result is a photograph that reflected how it actually was. This one of Jordan was simply taken with a wide aperture telephoto as the last rays of evening light hit the Lancashire quarries.
What an amazing afternoon we had as Wild Country sponsored athletes Naomi Buys climbed Please Lock Me Away E56b, Klondike E3 6a and Golden Tower E2 5c and Jordan Buys managed a rare onsite of King of Kings E6 6b a rarely repeated Lancashire test piece as well as Please Lock Me Away E5 6b and Gates of Perception E5 6a.
Watch out for photos of them in the forthcoming magazines and advertising campaigns.

So today we are celebrating natural light and quality trad!