Cloggy Climbing Bonanza

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The Snowdon Railway from Cloggy
Recovering from a hectic few days of photography.
I new the weather wouldn't last as you can now see so pretty gunned myself into the ground over the weekend.

The week started badly with a climbing accident at Millstone in the peak district. Luckily the Edale Mountain Rescue were close by on a evening training at Lawrencefield. I was able to run over and alert them to the accident. They reacted with a top-level rescue and were on the scene with full stretcher in minutes. Very soon the ambulance, helicopter and paramedic arrived and the guy was taken to hospital. We all hope he makes a full recovery.

Friday was off to Ilkey to gather some climbing photos for the Yorkshire Mountaineering Guidebook, Saturday involved getting up at 5 am driving to Wales and legging it up to Cloggy to get some of the best mountain climbing photos I have ever taken on the Axe and Shrike.
Sunday was down at the Orme to take some more dws photos and witness Pete Robbins finally send his 8c project at pigeons cave. Watch out for photos of Pete in the magazines soon.
Finally back home to a Chinley to a last minute bbq with friends which lasted till 1.30am