Great Wolfrey Esoteria

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Amazing day away from the crowds at Great Wolfrey. There is nothing I like more than setting off on an adventure to a place I have never seen before with the prospect of capturing first ascent photos. I woke to this amazing scene in the reservoir car park at the painful hour of dawn. A mist inversion over the surrounding hills then a perfect reflection over the reservoir. Followed by a bollocking from the Yorkshire water board for dossing in the car park. It was a fair cop.
The walk in is enough to put most folk off but that's the beauty of these places as you can virtually guarantee the place to yourself. I was accompanied by Yorkshire lads Dave Sutcliffe and Andy Blade. I guess he has a real surname.
What a day we had. Three E6's and an E5 including two first ascents and plenty of amazing climbing photos which you no doubt will get to see soon as an editorial piece.