Pete Whittaker 150 Grit Extremes in a day

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Pete Whittaker on Right Eliminate E3 before sunrise
On Monday this week Pete Whittaker smashed the record for climbing 100 grit stone extremes in a day by climbing 150!
I can barely walk after following him round so goodness knows how he feels. I feel like a finished man.
It was a very special day and I am extremely grateful to Pete for inviting me to support him. Well all I had to do was walk round with my cameras and backup supplies of food and water. It's not like I had to climb the routes although there was a lot of climbing up gullies to get the best angles. I could barely keep up with the pace.
The day started at 2am when I woke up drive to Froggatt to strategically place the car. A quick stroll over to meet Pete at Curbar gap for 4am then it was all go. Route after route, some I have done, some I might do one day and some I will definitely never go near.
Conditions were let's say on the warm side. After Froggatt and Curbar it was Millstone, Burbage south then burbage north in the savage sun. I left Pete to demolish Burbage North while I ran out to move the car and paid a quick visit to hathersage for emergency supplies of Red Bull for myself. By the time we arrived at Stanage it was sweltering!
I think what really made the day was Pete's family and my girl friend Claire turning up to support the final leg.
Well am sure you will get to hear Pete's account in good time but all in all it was a very special day and one I shall not forget!
Such a fine effort
Photos and Video to follow