Front Cover of Yorkshire Grit Guide Volume 2

Article text
It's finally arrived in the shops, another excellent publication by an amazing group of dedicated people. And just to demonstrate commitment to the climbing community they are not all from Yorkshire! This has been raised with the local authorities and any none Yorkshire residents attending the guidebook launch party will be required to submit their ESTA form:-).
I am of course made up that they chose a shot I took of Adi Gil on Shock Horror for the front cover. I’m not going to mention any names for fear of missing someone off the list (you know who you are), but it’s been an absolute pleasure spending time with you all and taking a lot of the action photographs.
We’ve had some pretty amazing adventures and I’ve been shown crags that I never knew even existed. Better still I’ve made some great friends and got to drink Yorkshire ale in Yorkshire pubs. Their beer is actually quite good.
Taking the action photographs is one thing, that’s my expertise, but these guys have painstakingly gone out at all times of the day when the light is optimal to get the brilliant topo photographs. Not only that they have spent hours, days, months checking grades, descriptions and climbing the routes. The teamwork displayed is something a successful company would struggle to achieve. Most of these people have families and full time jobs and yet they have found time in their busy lives.
They have helped me too when I’ve needed action photos for editorial pieces by coming out to climb routes and I am extremely grateful for that.
The result is a professional publication that is a delight to read. Am sure when you get your copy you will think the same. These are going to sell like hot cakes.