Alis Art

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Just recently I had an email from a friend who is a talented artist. A year ago I had the pleasure of working with Ali while she set up her fantastic arts display at Awesome Walls Stockport. My job was to photograph her display for the website. The day went well and we got some beautiful images. Now Ali gets a lot of her inspiration from climbers and mountaineers and this is reflected in her work. It's got a true unique style and I really like it. The textures and vibrant colours really jump out and for me create a sense of well-being. As a climber myself I can really connect with these images.
As you can imagine I was delighted when Ali asked if she could paint one of my Climbing images It’s not every day that someone is inspired enough by one of my photographs to actually want to paint it. The image in question was actually one of Jordan Buys I had taken for a commercial poster to advertise Boreal Boots. It had also jumped out to the Boreal guys for different reasons. Bizarrely it was also run as a double page spread in Climber magazine. The problem with judging your own work is you sometimes you get stuck in tunnel vision and don’t spot something that is appealing to others. You could be sitting on a stonker of an image but just don’t realise it. Now that’s where the skill comes in the selection procedure.