Sinai Expedition

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Jebel Naga
Earlier this week I returned from a full on adventure to climb and photograph new routes in the Egyptian Sinai desert with The Expedition Consultancy. We were honoured to have the great company of top bloke Jim Shimberg, an accomplished guide from the USA.
Jim was such good company on the trip I nearly tore a muscle laughing. As with all these trips, its the people that make it and I can comfortably say this trip was up there with the best. Dave, Maiju, Jim and Nassa our guide along with a couple of camels and all my camera lenses headed out into the wilderness of the desert for 5 days to explore the 350m west face of Jebel Naga.
You will be able to find out all about this soon in an update in Climb Magazine.
Huge thanks must go to Sterling Ropes for supplying all the static line, which we used to equip one of the big walls