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Pete Wilson on Hanging Crack E1 5b at Bowden Doors
Just returned from a chilly weekend to the glorious Northumberland Sandstone. Thankfully I was in the good hands of Andi Turner, Becky, Pete and Dom Bridgewood, Tegs Nose Pete, Josh and James. While the rest of the country was experiencing the worst weather ever we were actually getting our hands on dry rock. Kyloe in the woods, Bowden Door and Back Bowden we visited them all. Can’t believe it’s taken so long to get up to this peaceful un-spoilt wilderness. There were rather a lot of strange smells going on in the hostel (or rather going off!) so it was good to get some fresh air. There was even a dusting of snow on the Cheviots.Then to make things better I even managed to get a few quality images for a project I am working on. Can’t wait to go again in the spring. And they say it’s grim up North. Those people don’t know what they are talking about.